Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A year long hiatus; and something worth writing about

So forever and a day since the last post.

All that has happened in a year, oh let's see, work, work, escaping work, work work work, escape work, and ummm work.

So a new chronicle for the lady of the juice.
Something great and also evil has come into my life.


So far I've been loving the experimenting.

#1) - Honey almond ice cream with blueberries.

The flavor was great on this one but the berries must have been too big cause they are rock hard frozen in the icecream and a bit difficult to eat ... more experiments to come on the best way to incorporate fruit.

#2) - Chocolate ice cream with peanut butter and marshmallows

.... umm there was just no way to go wrong with this one.

#3) - Bailey's Ice Cream with dark chocolate Ghiradelli chunks

.... again, there's no way to mess this one up.

#4) - Oh my precious #4; I know I'm no pioneer as far as the key ingredient goes but I do like to think I've made it best. Ben and Jerry's can buy this one from me for a good penny, just saying. I give you

.... Maple Syrup ice cream with candied bacon and waffle bites .... I call it "Welch's Breakfast"! And don't you dare turn your nose up; it's FANTASTIC!

And yes, Ice Cream is soooo worth righting about!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

WARNING!! Graffic images to follow: if hang-nails bother you, this post is not for you. If you like fun gross stuff then by all means Enjoy!

Again Enter at thy own risk ... oh and be aware of meese.

This is the story about a toe.

A big toe.

This toe was no different than any other big toe.

But little did it know that on the fateful night of Sept 2, 2009,

this tow would embark on an incredible journey.

This is that journey ... with pictures of course. :0)

So, it all began as the toe, doing normal toe things. Was walking out of a drinking establishment on it's way back home. When much to its surprise it fell into a hole. An unfortunite hole in some plastic storm draining on the sidewalk. As toes do not have eyes or mouths or larynxes it did not see the hole, and thus could not call out to warn of impending doom. What occured in that instant was as the toe went in the hole, the toe nail did not.

The nail and toe had been seperated from eachother, and as this had never happened so much so in thier lives together, the toe wept; (lots of blood) from it's lost commrade. Things didn't look so bad at first, some seperating, and they knew they would eventually part from each other out of sheer trauma of the incident but surely things weren't so bad ... or so they thought.

Initial Damage:

The more obvious seperation:

The owner of the toe didn't think much of it. A little ozzing, but no big deal ...

The next day:

Badness begins; things looking pretty bad:

A nice draining tract of puss:

Or Two: (the bottom left corner)

And some nice streaking, incase it wasn't obvious enough that there was serious infection going on: (the red line from the toe up the ankle)

So to Urgent care we went. Got some good antibiotics. (including a shot of them in the bum). A tetanus shot. The removed the nail. Cleaned everything up. Soaked the nail in betadine. Then put the nail back in place. It was all very strange. They were bandaged up and sent away.

Within a couple of days things were looking better, though a bit soggy from being bandaged all the time:

Too bad the rest of the body decided to have an allergic reaction to the antibiotics ... pitty. A nice rash all over the place. (great :0P). No worries no pics of that. But now, the 4th trip to Urgent care (2 and 3 were rechecks) where we got new antibiotics and were told the nail really needed to come back off.

We had been working at that for the last 2 or so days so expected as much.

Today we worked harder and with much patients and a lot of soaking SUCCESS!!!


Le sigh.

What started as a simple toenail injury has become the bane of the last week of my life. No walking, no running, no sunshine (thanks to the orginal antibiotic I was on, makes the skin photosensitive), bowel effects since the antibiotics killed all my normal flora, an allergic reaction complete with rash, and a back spasm from inactivity. Oh, and to top it off, I got attacked by a puddle when a care hit it leaving urgent care today; full on head to toe drench. Ahhhh, such is the life. But things should be on the up. At least I hope so. My goal by tuesday is to be able to wear a shoe without complete displeasure.

Cross your fingers (and toes ;0) ) for me!

(yes it was pretty much exactly like this; I looked like I just stood on the bridge after to the monsoon when the water's high and it's full of heavy people)

9 Months!!!


I could have practically had a baby in the time since my last post. Well, here I am, back again and trying to redeem myself a touch. As most of you know I have relocated to the Big-D; Dallas that is. I start working my first "real adult job" in the next few days and am sure to have many fun experience to share with that. In the mean time I have had a few of my own waiting in my new apartment for the rest of my life to start.

(Those posts to follow)

So this is the Grape hopefully making a return to the world of blogging, perhaps with panache!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


I would just like to put it out there that



Ahh some good feelings to be had there ...

now ...

time to finish studying for boards :0(

So I'll be living in a world of studying and stress for the next week. Bah.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Can I just sleep in my car?

So as few know I am currently in Oregon for an elective course to further my education in sports medicine. As a favor to me before I left the program coordinator sent out an email to the entire college of vet med trying to see if anyone had a place for me to crash for the week. I only had one replay which was fine ... I thought.

Here was my initial message from my would be temporary roommate:

>>> Hey,
>>> I have a comfy couch you could sleep on, I have 4 cats, dog and a
>>> rabbit. I am taking the same class too. Just an option if you need it.
>>> -Julie*

(Names have been changed to protect those guilty of hoarding)

The whole 4 cat thing should have been a tip off...

So I have just recently arrived in my new pad ... and I'm blown away ... I should have turned away as soon as I say the orange VW Bus (which ordinarily I would have thought quite nifty but not under the circumstances).

The place is ridiculous. I have attached a link to photos that I have taken just before going to "bed" Highlights of the photos? The double take on the mantel FULL of cats; holy shit ... things that cannot be appreciated is the porch with the couch that would be impossible to sit on because there is not only so much crap piled on it but also in front of it that you would be able to get to it if you wanted to; and the bathroom that is literally falling off of the back of the house. (just hope I don't go tumbling down the steep hill that is the bathroom floor and end up hurting myself.

So now (due to muscle spasms from a very long car ride) I have taken a muscle relaxer. I am not sure if it is the drugs or my current situation, (or maybe a bit of both) but I may start crying.

If it weren't so cold my rental car would be looking mighty fine right now.

Check it out

The question is: can I survive 5 days of this? I'm thinking no ...

(apparently the link is tempramental):

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The down-hill slope.

So for all the time I've slacked on posting blogs I appologise. (Not that they're usually that good of reading material). Anyway I'm sending out a sigh of relief. I'm over halfway done with my clinical rotations now and thank goodness. I also registered for my board exams today (SCARY!!!)

So as I continue to have no life of my own I'll continue to revel in the fun that I get to read about on everyone elses blogs.

I think the most exciting things in my world are my new computer.
(another mac) let's say
(Dog + Dog)* Dog fight / Dog tail = Booze on the laptop.

A very angry time ...

And on the subject of animals happening #2, the passing of Kojak (my bird).
A not so fun end to my weekend.

So I'll leave on that wah wah note.


Sunday, April 06, 2008

I need some insulin and a wheelbarrow

The decision of the birthday dinner:

Encore: Dessert and Wine bar

= 1 cheese and fruit course
+ 3 dessert courses
* (all with a wine pairing)

This was a fantastic idea at the beginning; and still very delicious but oh man ...

Everyone felt like they had a case of the betes. (Diabetes for the not med oriented crew).

Holy crap

but YUM

Friday, February 22, 2008

Photo Fun ...

Answer the questions below by taking each answer and typing it into Photobucket (www.photobucket.com). Take any picture from the first page of results and post. (click on the picture and copy the HTML code) Don't explain, it's funnier that way.

Age on your next birthday:

ewer twenty five



favorite place:

Mission Bay Sunset

fav object:


fav food:

SOur Cream

fav animal:


fav color:

deep green mutant

town born in:


town now:


pet name:

Frank Costello





Cigarette ash on dryer in laundry room

person you miss:

Your Mom

last name:


bad habit:

playing with hair

first job:


grandma's name:

dans la rue

current job:

Veterinary Student

fav. drink:


what you're currently looking forward to:


Anyone want to come visit?? ... I can pull you around in the dead cart?

Hey, it's only been about a month ... see I'm not doing so terrible. I figured I give some clinic updates.


Food animal was my first rotation in pretending to be a doctor. The late fall early winter as it were is not a very busy time for production animals and thus I and my fellow students were pretty bored most days. At this time I will reference a photograph:

Photo One: The guys have the brilliant plan to practice roping ... a highly sought after skill in veterinary medicine ... okay not really but a good way to kill time.

Photo Two: This is just not challenging enough ... let's make our calf (the lovely red trash can) a moving target. BRING OUT THE DEAD CART!!

Side note ... most all of you are not familiar with the "Dead Cart" as it is so lovingly called at the hospital. Vocab time:

The Dead Cart (n.) 1) a slang term used around the UMC-CVM VMTH which refers to a medium sized rolling wagon with yellow grating. This device serves a primary function of hauling dead things around the hospital most commonly animals such as goats, sheep, and large dogs which are two large or heavy to carry from the hospital to the incinerator or necropsy freezer but not so large they require the use of the forklift. 2) A hauling cart available at your local garden store

Back to roping ... ladies ...

Photo Three: Autumn takes to the learning process

Photo Four: Score one for Autumn!

Photo Five: Score one for me too!!!


Yeah, I basically rock.

To follow: Rotation #2 ... Pathology
(The anticipation must be killing you!)
~~k, if you didn't get that pun then it goes to show you how big a dork I really am ~~